Danish & Danish-American Books

Below you'll find NFDA's collection of Danish related literature.

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After the Sun

Jonas Eika

Translated by Sherilyn Nicolette Hellberg

An award-winning collection of short stories.

Babette's Feast and Other Stories

by Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen)

The Copenhagen Trilogy

Tove Ditlevsen

Called "a masterpiece" by The New York Times, the acclaimed trilogy from Tove Ditlevsen, a pioneer in the field of genre-bending confessional writing.

Danish Whisky

by Per Gregersen (in Danish)

A book on Denmark's growing whisky industry and entry into the U.S. market

Dementia Handbook: Knowledge is Power

by Torben Riise

Denmark: The State of Green Solutions

Produced by the Danish Embassy in Washington, DC

Eat Smart in Denmark

How to Decipher the Menu, Know the Market Foods & Embark on a Tasting Adventure

by Carol Schroeder & Katrine Schroeder

The Employees

Olga Rain

Genuine Journeys of Life

by Mike Henriksen & Cindy Lea Bahe

Danish American Henriksen along with Bahe share a collection of stories

Gone Viking: A Travel Saga

Bill Arnott

Stories from the author's 21st century viking voyages

Here and Hereafter

Joy Ibsen

Here and Hereafter is about what happens when mortality and eternity come together, often at times of life-endings, expanding human consciousness, connecting earthly life with afterlife.

The King's Coin: Danish American Poems

Finn Bille

Live Your Life - Don't Waste It

Benedikte Ehlers

Benedikte is a beloved tour guide and volunteer of many Danish American organizations. She has just finished the English version of her memoirs.

The Men in Denmark's Freedom Council

by Halfdan Lefevre (1945) - Translated by C. Flemming Heilmann (2022)

Published only weeks after the Nazi surrender, Halfdan Lefevre's The Men in Denmark's Freedom Council is a history of World War Il Danish resistance while under Nazi occupation and the formation of a "government in waiting" in anticipation of liberation. Mr. Lefevre's original manuscript has been faithfully translated into English by C. Flemming Heilmann so that a broader audience can appreciate the unparalleled sacrifices and risks these Danish citizens took in the name of freedom.

Our Danish Connection

Nina York

Stories of the Danish West Indies/U.S. Virgin Islands

The Spirit of Solvang

Ann Dittmer & Esther Jacobsen Bates

The challenges and triumphs of this Danish community that grew, thrived, and evolved while most faded into obscurity.

This Should be Written in the Present Tense

Helle Helle

Victim 2117

Jussi Adler Olsen

The Year of Living Danishly

Helen Russell

Journalist Helen Russell relocates to Denmark.

We Share the Same Sky

Rachael Cerrotti

Rachael Cerrotti documents the journey of her grandmother, Hana, as she flees the Nazis in Central Europe, taking her through Scandinavia and beyond.

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