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  • May 04, 2021



The 4th

Monthly Email for Rebild Members - 
Every Month on "The 4th"

May 4, 2021

Hej allesammen!  In an effort to better stay in touch, we are now sending a monthly email to keep you posted on Rebild board issues and activities.  Thanks to Rebild U.S. board member Katrine Vange for the idea and name of the email "The 4th"!  We want to grow the organization, and to do that, we need to communicate!  This will be information from both Rebild Vice Presidents -

Lars Nygaard in Denmark, and Bruce Bro in the U.S.


It seems that communication has been an issue for many years.  Not because we don't have the resources (newsletter, email, Facebook, website, etc), but deciding the best way to use the resources available to us!

     We use two different Facebook options. The Facebook page under the name of “Rebildselskabet” was established in Denmark, and the Facebook group under the name of “Rebild National Park Society - a Danish American Friendship Association” was established in the USA.      Let's use them more!  Any member should feel free to post relevant content on Facebook.  Rebild is an organization built on Denmark/U.S. friendship.  So lets be Facebook friends!  I enjoy seeing what my fiends are doing on my personal Facebook page.  And, its always fun to see what my friends and relatives in Denmark are up to.  Facebook is free, and available to us.  Lets use it!
     Soon, we will launch our new website which will provide great improvement in our communication capabilities. While that is happening, we need to keep the discussion going about all forms of communication, and what our members prefer.  
Please email me at bruceabro@icloud.com to let me know what you think.

May 2 Rebild Board Meeting

Thank you to the Rebild board for the productive meeting on May 2nd. We welcomed new board members Ole Sonnichsen and Vibeke Lybro of Denmark, and John H. Rasmussen and Lillian Jensen of the U.S. We welcomed back re-elected board members Jesper Jespersen, Anna Thomsen Holliday and Sean Roach.  

Denmark Rebildfest plans are progressing as the Western House is reserved for the July 2 picnic, The Aalborg Comwell White House Hotel top floor restaurant has been reserved for the July 3 Gala dinner. Due to current Covid indoor gathering restrictions, there will not be a July 4 tent luncheon, although other luncheon alternatives are being explored.  We are excited that two July 4 keynote speakers have been confirmed - Danish Astronaut Andres Mogensen and U.S. Embassy Charge d'Affaires Stuart Dwyer. Discussions are underway with other potential speakers.  Also, potential musical performers are being contacted, and an online benefit auction during the festival is being explored.  With the realization that U.S. visitors will be very limited this year, much of the festival will be available online for U.S. viewers and others around the world to enjoy.

In other board business, the U.S. Annual Meeting in Phoenix this fall is planned for late October/early November.  And a Chicago Annual Meeting is being planned for late April 2022.

The new Rebild website was presented by Lars Bisgaard.  It is expected to be online May 15 with many improved capabilities for our organization.

May 8 Chapter President Meeting

A zoom meeting with Chapter Presidents will be held on Zoom on Saturday, May 8 at 9:00am Central (Chicago).  The zoom link will be sent to Chapter Presidents soon.

May 22nd Meeting in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Rebild Chapter is looking forward to its first "In Person" meeting since Covid began.  The meeting will take place at the Naver Club in Monrovia on May 22 beginning at 11:00am.  Discussion will include election of officers following a luncheon.  I am looking forward to being there and seeing everyone in person!  I would like to visit every local U.S. chapter at least once over the next couple years.  Please keep me posted on your meeting schedule
and I will try to attend!

July 4 in Denmark and October in Phoenix

I will defer to Lars Nygaard for comments about July 4, and the current restrictions in Denmark.  But here is an update on the situation in the U.S. and especially Arizona...

I think the pace of vaccinations in the U.S. is encouraging, and we can expect to see people moving and traveling much more freely as we approach summer.  Arizona has been vaccinating its population at a good pace.  Over half of the Arizona population have received at least one dose of vaccine. The Arizona governor has lifted restrictions on most activities, although masks are still recommended but not mandated.  Unless there is a major Covid setback, I am very optimistic about our ability to gather in Arizona in October.

If you would like to register for the October meeting, please let me know.  Many have carried over their registrations from the original dates in March 2020.  You can see the current October itinerary here.  There may be some small changes, but everything is nearly set.  I encourage you to register as early as possible, as it makes it much easier to plan for the events and transportation needs.  Its a very full schedule, and if you would like to discuss options before you register, I'll be happy to schedule a phone call or zoom call with you.

Its an exciting time as we look forward to gathering in person again.
I hope to see you at the coming events!  
Med Venlig Hilsen, Bruce

Will You Be at Rebild on July 4?

Will you travel from the U.S. to Denmark for Rebild?  Please let us know.  We'd like to know how many plan on attending!  Please send a quick email to Linda Steffensen at rebildusa@gmail.com  This will really help with planning in Denmark as we prepare.


Rebild Vice Presidents Lars Nygaard (Denmark) and Bruce Bro (U.S.)

Now, here is Lars Nygaard with a perspective from Denmark...


Communication has always been a key issue in all organizations and so it is for ours, especially in a situation where we really need and want to grow. Internally we need to keep our members updated on ongoing activities and make it easier for them to participate actively in the process, something we would welcome very much. Externally to try to reach new groups of individuals and organizations involved in Danish-American relations, possible new members, economic supporters and collaborators, people that might want to celebrate July 4th in the beautiful Rebild Hills with us. Rebild News, our new website, Facebook and this newsletter can all play an active role in better communication, but do not forget that communication goes both ways, and we really need to get a better picture of how our members see the future of the organization, so please keep us updated, so we can incorporate the views and ideas our members have concerning how we can try to revive our organization with respect for all our traditions and take it to the next level. You are always more than welcome to email me at lnp@pc.dk.

July 4 in Denmark

The process of opening up Denmark started April 21 and is being monitored very closely by the authorities and the plan for it looks positive in our perspective with focus on July 4, although we must be aware of the fact that the plan may change should the pandemic call for it, so we have to keep us closely updated as we go along. I had a telephone meeting with the Police two days ago to make sure the information I wanted to pass on to you was correct, and I am going to keep staying in touch with them.

The good news is that it is planned from June 11, that we are allowed to meet 100 persons indoors, and that there will be no limitations to the number of people who can meet outdoors, but there will still be regulations concerning facemasks, distance, size of groups, negative corona tests, hopefully the details will come within the next two weeks, but it certainly does open a good opportunity for us to actually do something down in the hills July 4.

The not so good news is that there is still no opening up when it comes to travel regulations and no indication of when that might happen. The current rule is that you cannot enter Denmark as an American tourist without having a special purpose for your trip, the details are outlined on the website  https://en.coronasmitte.dk/rules-and-regulations/entry-into-denmarkI 

I asked specifically if participating in Rebildfesten would be accepted as a special purpose and am sorry to report that the answer was no.Things may change, and the only advice I can give is to follow the situation closely. Right now, you need to be tested before boarding the plane for Denmark, if you are allowed into the country see above, you will need to take a test at the Danish airport and go into isolation for 10 days. On day 4 after entry you can take a new test, and if that is negative, you can stop isolation.

Chapters in Denmark

I have a feeling that if we are to succeed with the goals we have and are going to set for the future, we all need to communicate more and better and join forces and work closely together. My ambition is to make sure that all the potential in our organization is being used to bring us forward. To start that process I have contacted the danish chapter presidents and asked for their help and I have tried to set focus on three points.

1: How do members think we could celebrate July 4 with respect for our traditions but in a way, that might make it attractive to more people than participate today. Focus on July 4, 2022.

2: We are starting a fundraising campaign and need to identify new sponsors, could our local networks help us identify companies and people we could approach? 

3: Could working with other Danish-American organizations help us in the future? Could our local networks

help us identify them and try to reach out to them to start working together, many of them face the same problems as we do declining number of members and economic problems.

I have had positive response and I am looking forward to work closely with the Chapter- Presidents and a meeting in Rebild is being planned around July 4.

National Foundation for Danish America
PO Box 1003
Wilmette, Illinois 60091

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