Nordic Book Club

  • March 14, 2021
  • 4:00 PM (PDT)
  • Scandinavian School & Cultural Center - San Francisco, CA

Welcome to The Nordic Book Club

Do you enjoy reading books and anticipate having a bit more time on your hands this winter? We thought so!  The Scandinavian School and Cultural Center started a Nordic Book Club in January, and we would like for you to join us. 

We will focus on books by Nordic authors and plan to cover writers from all the Nordic countries. The books will be read in English, to make it possible for everybody in our community to attend, and also to make it fairly easy to obtain the book we plan to read.

The book we will be reading for our next meeting is called Exile by Danish writer Jacob Ejersbo.

The late Jakob Ejersbo had his breakthrough moment in 2002 with his first novel NordKraft. He then began writing his Africa Trilogy, of which Exile is the first book. It is about life in Tanzania and is inspired by his own childhood. Ejersbo died in 2008, but his manuscript was edited postmortem and published the following year.

Exile is a coming of age novel which follows an English teenager growing up in Tanzania as she discovers alcohol, drugs, and violence in Africa.

“Ejersbo is an amazing writer, and the book should be read simply for his language. It is a wonderful depiction of a modern Danish society, which is placed in Africa, but it could just as well have been in Denmark” - Marie Lybeck 

Our next meeting will be on Sunday March 14 at 4 PM. 

The event is of course free of charge, we do however request that you sign up for the event.

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Wilmette, Illinois 60091

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