Holiday Exhibit - HC Andersen's The Fir Tree

  • November 26, 2020
  • January 10, 2021
  • The American Swedish Institute - Minneapolis, MN


The Fir Tree, H.C. Andersen’s fairy tale featured in immersive outdoor experience

Pandemic Christmas will be different all around. Hats off to the American Swedish Institute for figuring out how to at least have some sense of normalcy by moving the holiday exhibits outdoors this year. See the decorated Mansion, walk the Story Trail outside in the courtyard and check out the aptly named holiday exhibition, “An extra/ordinary Holiday in Extraordinary Times."  

Visitors are invited to step into a story trail, an immersive outdoor experience with a series of storytelling stations created by five Nordic countries winding through ASI’s courtyard and around the Mansion grounds. For Denmark, and the Danish American  Center in Minneapolis, the story of The Fir Tree by famed author Hans Christian Andersen encourages us to live in the moment as we experience a grove of fir trees – one of the most recognized symbols of the holiday season.

It’s been said that the present is a gift. In this day and age it can be difficult to remember that. But it may be hard to imagine that it was also true in 1845 when Hans Christian Andersen wrote The Fir Tree. The story is of the “pretty little fir-tree” wanting so desperately to be bigger, taller and to have the adventurous life that comes with it. All the while not enjoying the life it leads day in and day out until, eventually, it achieves its wish only to be again disappointed and to long again for the days in the forest. Many of us in the cold Northern climes have learned this lesson as we embrace our surroundings and seasons, extolling the days when the air is cold but the sun still beams down to warm our hearts. Hear Steen Moeller read the classic H.C.Andersen tale in a video. Meander through the Danish display designed by Susan Loschenkohl with modern Danish Christmas heart/bird baskets reimagined into weather-hardy wood ornaments hung on outdoor trees. 

The American Swedish Institute
2600 Park Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Open Thursday through Sunday 10 am to 4 pm through January 10, 2021

Advanced museum admission required; purchase up to 3 weeks in advance of your visit. Call 612-871-4907 for more information and reservations. 

Photo caption:
© Susan Loschenkohl

Submitted by-
Susan Jacobsen, Danish American Center, Minneapolis, MN

National Foundation for Danish America
PO Box 1003
Wilmette, Illinois 60091

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