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  • June 26, 2020
  • June 30, 2020
  • Danish American Center - Minneapolis, MN


Summer 2020 Update - 

A Message From The DAC Executive Committee 

Dear Members and Supporters,
We all wish we could get back together at the Danish American Center for events and hygge. However, because of the many risks posed by opening a social gathering place like the Danish American Center too soon, especially for our large number of senior members, we wanted to let you know that we have decided to keep the building closed until further notice. Likely, this will extend at least through the summer months. If things change and we determine that we can safely reopen earlier, we will let you know. For now, please accept our apology for the inconveniences to you as summer meetings and events will need to be moved, postponed or cancelled. Please know that when we can, the doors will open and we will joyfully gather again.

March 17, 2020
To protect the health and safety of our members and guests and to comply with the directions of the Governor and the CDC, the Danish American Center will be closed to all members, individuals, groups or activities beginning Tuesday, March 17th until further notice. Members and groups holding rental contracts should contact the DAC Office via phone or email to request a refund or to renegotiate a new rental time.

Be safe and follow the guidelines being provided by all levels of government, medical experts, and society. We want to see one another again when this is over.

June 1 Update - The Danish American Center remains closed due to Covid-19. Our building is near the area in which the tragic death of George Floyd occurred. It is also close to the ensuing protests and riots. Danmark’s Radio recently contacted our organization in hopes of gaining perspective from one of our members. Niels Billund moved from Denmark to Minnesota in the 1980s. He is a nurse and resides in Saint Paul. He has participated in the peaceful protests and has also helped clean up the streets after the overwhelming destruction of local businesses. 

You can click on the link (Niels Billund - below) for audio and transcript of the interview in Danish. For those that don’t speak Danish, a translation of Niels’ thoughts: “There’s a feeling of insecurity. I mostly fear the armed activist groups that are walking around.” 

Regarding the initial peaceful protest that he attended: “ There was a lot of anger and many tears. People are unable to comprehend what has happened. People expressed themselves by chanting ‘Say his name George Floyd.’” 

The many violent protests have affected Niels every day and he doesn’t believe the worst is over yet. “It goes back-and-forth. You think the worst is over but then something worse happens again, just like with the coronavirus. I hope we see change in Minneapolis. People have had enough.”

Protests have spread all over the United States and even as far as England and Denmark. 

Niels Billund

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